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2 Heads are Better than one - What makes Parley Special! 🌟🌟

We’ve got one of those Chandler Bing jobs! When you tell people you are a PR consultant they say something like, “oh right, very good!” but inside they are thinking, “I wonder what that actually means?”

Public Relations covers a wide range of services to support organisations as they tell the world who they are, what they do and why people should care. It’s less about spin and manipulation and more about knowing your audience and using the power of communication to positively influence them to trust you, your voice and your brand.

Deirdre and I are 40 somethings with a bit of age and experience on our side. We both studied English at Queens and then returned to studies 5 years ago to complete our Masters in Communication and PR. We’ve worked in various industries like Finance, Insurance, Retail, Charity, Church and Politics. So when it comes to PR for your organisation, we bring all of that knowledge to the table.

Deirdre’s a pragmatist and always speaks the voice of reason. Her particular skills are in creative writing and public policy. When it comes to writing a catchy media story or blog she always seems to have just the right punchy phrase to create a buzz. And if you need to influence policy shapers and decision makers, Deirdre’s got the insider know how to make your influence matter.

On the other hand, I am the extrovert in the partnership. I love learning about the people and the heart behind a business or a charity and then helping them to dream big and produce imaginative campaigns to reach out to their audience. 

What makes Parley Comms special is not just our individual skills but how well we work together. In our world, collaboration isn't just a strategy; it's how we work everyday, side by side to ensure our client's benefit from our combined perspective. For our clients we believe that two heads are better than one!

In a nutshell, PR from Parley Communications helps you deliver communication that cuts through. Check out our upcoming series of blogs outlining each of our services and how they can work for you. We'll turn those Chandler Bing moments into genuine "Ah I get it now" and "could I BE more impressed?" 😊

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