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2020 the year of the Christmas movie?

It is December, so I feel confidence in officially announcing that;


Although, thanks to Déirdre, we have had the Christmas vibes at Parley HQ for a few weeks now with November decorations and Christmas tree 🎄😂

One of the big questions at this time of the year must be, what’s your favourite Christmas movie? Christmas movies are the perfect way to get you in the Christmas mood and spend time with the people you love wrapped up in cosy blankets in front of the fire, eating lots of treats. This year Christmas is going to look very different for us all; we won’t be rushing out to parties, dinners or school nativities. I predict this year will be the year of Christmas movies like never before!

I confess that, although I haven’t put up the Christmas tree yet, my 12-year-old son and I have already watched countless Christmas movies on Netflix. The worst has to be Christmas Made to Order, a low budget holiday romance movie about a girl who runs her own holiday decorating business which was cringey and left us feeling limp.

The best so far this year is Jingle Jangle, a musical about a magical toymaker and his special family. The singing and dancing are pure joy and the production, costumes and cinematography all work together to create a magical Christmas tale that gave us all the Christmas feels that we all so desperately want in the midst of the stress of Covid.

Déirdre surprised me with one of her all-time favourite Christmas movie; she loves Home Alone, 2 and no, it’s not because Donald Trump makes a guest appearance but because she loves New York and gets excited at the thought of lost in New York at Christmas time.

Déirdre’s other favourite is the, now Christmas classic, Elf. Don’t we all love Buddy (what’s your favourite colour?) the Elf? I think I have seen that movie about 100 times with my 3 kids over the last 17 years since it’s 2003 release!

I think my all-time favourite Christmas movie is Santa Claus the Movie. I am a child of the 80’s and when this movie was released, I was convinced that I was getting a rare glimpse into the life of the real Santa, his home in the North Pole and his elves. My favourite part was the flying reindeer. I loved this movie!! I watch this movie every Christmas and try to lose myself in the nostalgia, but I often do so alone as no one else in our house shares my feelings.

We may not be able to visit a cinema to enjoy the big screen experience this Christmas, but we can always create special memories at home with the people we love watching the movies we love.

Give us your recommendations! Share the love for Christmas movies! What movies should the Parley girls check out next? 🎅🤶🎄✨🎬

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