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In case you wondered how we decided on 'Parley' - like barley!

Some of you have mentioned how you really like our name Parley Communications so I thought I would tell you a little bit about where it comes from ..... Of course has it's origins in the French language we all remember our French classes and the ubiquitous utterance of "Parlez-Vous François" or "Do you speak French?". In the English language parley has a couple of different meanings - most excitingly found in the Pirates Code, think Pirates of the Caribbean! This is when an individual requests a reprieve from, well, basically a long walk of a short plank! However, we are Parley, like Barley L.E.Y. This spelling finds it's origins in military terminology, when two sides come together to try to negotiate a settlement aimed at ending a conflict.

Today, this word has come to mean a discussion, collaboration or negotiation, in other words talking about things. But in reality it is about building relationships, two sides connecting, getting to know each other, learning to value each other. At Parley Communications we really value relationships, with other clients and with our client's stakeholders, customers and audience. This is our job, to help our clients connect with these groups. So, now you know where the name Parley Communications comes from....remember Parley like Barley! 😊

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