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NI Silver believe there really is 'No Place Like Home!'

Surely the phrase 'There's No Place Like Home' has never been more appropriate. As we collectively attempt to emerge from the current public health crisis, we find ourselves reassessing what is important. A renewed appreciation of the place we call home is gripping hearts across Northern Ireland, whether home is an urban cityscape, the magnificent countryside or a peaceful seaside retreat.

As we prepare to launch NI Silver's bespoke 'Treasures of Home' collection, Founder, Ruth McEwan Lyon tells The NewsLetter a little bit about her motivation. Ruth describes how, during her time abroad she struggled to find a truly authentic memento which evoked the legendary spirit of her home country. Since her return to Northern Ireland, Ruth has dedicated herself to developing bespoke, hand-crafted pieces of jewellery which capture the essence of home, which natives, ex-pats and visitors alike can cherish wherever their travels take them. To learn more about Ruth's travels and experiences read the full article. Remember - 'There's No Place Like Home!"

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