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Charities - Get Your Political Ducks in a Row 🦆

In Northern Ireland we are used to a certain amount of political shenanigans but 2024 is certain to deliver even more drama. Say it quietly….the potential reopening of the Northern Ireland Assembly, coupled with a guaranteed Westminster election, will see charities and third sector organisations vying for their share of the political spotlight.


Now is the time for charities to think about how they can connect with political leaders. The decisions these leaders make can affect whether charities succeed or struggle. The current political situation is not stable, and many charities are facing challenges. The lack of a reliable government and uncertain budgets pose unprecedented challenges. This is especially precarious for charities that depend on short and long-term grants. Ironically, just when the cost of living is such a huge issue, third-sector organisations are vital. These organisations are on the front lines, helping individuals and communities who are having a tough time accessing essential services and support. The need for their services is increasing, but their income is decreasing, and costs are going up.


As the election year unfolds, charities have an opportunity to actively engage with political parties, candidates, the media, and stakeholders to raise awareness of their goals and drive their missions forward.


But how can charities make the most of this window of opportunity? It’s a matter of communication!


At Parley, we enjoy nothing more than collaborating closely with charities to provide them with the tools to tell their stories and reach those who need to hear them most. During an election year, Parley recommends that charities take the time to plan their political engagement for the year ahead. This may include reaching out to political candidates, writing a charity manifesto or pledge or even hosting a hustings event.


By using some or all of these strategies your charity has the opportunity to raise its profile in the media and ensure that your interests are not forgotten by policy makers. Get in touch if you want to get your political ducks in a row.


Initial call – 15 mins free of charge

1st Ideation session – 1 hour £100

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